The Hotel Am Bühl owes its existence to the construction of the drinking water dam Eibenstock.
In 1974, when the construction of the dam was decided the railway connection between Blauenthal and Schönheide South and the train station “Unter-Oberer” were shut down.

In the years 1976/1977 the hotel as we know it today was built for the workers involved in the construction of drinking water reservoir. From 1978 to 1983, the building was used as a workers' accommodation.
The dam of Eibenstock is the 2nd largest drinking water reservoir of East Germany covering an area of 324 hectares with a maximum length of 7 km, a maximum width of 1 km and a maximum depth of 55 meters.
In 1985, then the inauguration of the dam Eibenstock took place. In the same year the workers' accommodation was turned into a FDGB - holiday home and continued to operate. When the wall came down in 1989 the property was passed into the hands of “Treuhand”, which continued running it as a hotel until 1991.
In 1991 the town of Eibenstock took over the hotel. In 1995 it changed hands on last time. It is now owed by and consortium of local companies.
In January 1996, the hotel was closed in order to carry out some major refurbishment and redecoration. After months and months of work the hotel “Hotel am Bühl- das blaue Wunder” was reopened on 12 July 1997.
In 2008 the Panorama Restaurant “Glashaus” was built and impressed with its unusual architecture, a combination of steel and glass which allows an fantastic view of our beautiful Ore Mountain and to the drinking water reservoir Eibenstock.

In 2012 our Panorama Suite "Horizon" which is located on the 8th floor became part of our beautiful hotel. We combined comfort with a stylish ambiance as well as the chance to watch a fantastic sunsets or enjoy a relaxing evenings on the beautiful rooftop terrace.

Hotel Am Bühl GmbH

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