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Landscape Eibenstock
Hotel Outside Area
Hotel Outside Area
Landscape Eibenstock

walk ahead, come back - we need you!

rueckkehrernetzwerk.deEvery single one realizes his dream of living and working in Saxony.

The tradtional journey of craftsmen, also known as Walz, has an ancient tradition that has survived with some contemporary adaptations to this day. Remaining in other spheres of life over an extended period of time is still one of the best training and continuing education opportunities available. The person who experiences this process does not just broaden his professional horizons. Through personal friendships, networks emerge that are building blocks for future success across countries, even in later entrepreneurial activities. Once returned, the returnee usually does not fit perfectly into the left behind social structure. This is a worldwide phenomenon. The Stammtisch of the returnee network offers a chance to meet like-minded people and to network.

Unternehmer-Initiative / Ruf aus Sachsen
kunstfürdiewelt e.G.
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